Slim, discreet, connected

Get on with your life


A slim, discreet pump without a physical connection to a control unit allows its user to choose where and how to wear it. More importantly, the pump is small enough for you to wear whatever you want to wear.

The Cellnovo pump is defined by freedom, choice and accuracy.

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Removable, waterproof, lifeproof

Take it off, leave it on. Your call


It should be up to you when you take off the pump, so we made it waterproof and easy to detach. You don't have to take it off for a shower or a swim, but if you want a nice soak in the tub without it, just whip it off. If you like a long bath, it's worth knowing that the pump's rated to survive at a depth of 1.1 meter for a whole hour.

Because of its small size, the Cellnovo pump can be attached directly to the skin. Uniquely for pumps worn on the skin, hook and loop strips make it just a moment's effort to pull the pump off, and cap the infusion site. It's just as easy to re-attach when you need to.

Pump: 150 units/3days, 54x 35x 14mm, Weight 32g (Full-cartridge)


Built-in activity sensor

Track when you're active, 24/7


Exercise can have a profound effect on the amount of insulin needed for good control, so tracking exercise accurately is an essential part of effective diabetes management. Using a tiny sensor in the pump, and the wireless connection to the handset, the Cellnovo System constantly tracks and records your activity.

Through the online portal, you and your healthcare team can compare activity peaks with blood glucose for a comprehensive view of how activity is influencing your need for insulin.

Without a simple and elegant interface, the benefits of technology stay locked inside impenetrable cases. With a focus on excellent design and excellent software, we strive to make the benefits of the Cellnovo System accessible to all who need them.


Cellnovo GEN3



Green technology

Recharge. Don't discard.


Wherever possible, the Cellnovo System has been designed to have minimal impact on the environment. Unlike other systems, the pump and handset batteries are rechargeable, reducing waste while saving both money and precious natural resources.


Green technology