Efficient and cost effective


Imagine the advantages of a Type 1 diabetes service that is continuously aware of its patients health status?

Imagine the efficiencies and performance possible when clinical staff already have a complete clinical picture for every patient in advance of every visit? Imagine the complications avoided and resources saved when potential problems can be identified in real time for immediate attention?

Imagine the potential to improve the efficiency of your services while also improving thousands of patients' lives? Founded on a belief that all of the above should be possible, Cellnovo built a system that promises to revolutionise the efficiency and quality of Type 1 diabetes care. For example, appointments will become completely focused on clinical issues instead of spent harvesting vital data from hastily filled journals and multiple incompatible devices. The gathered data will not only be current, but accurate, having been recorded and analysed automatically before online delivery to the clinical team in real time. With such unprecedented access to comprehensive clinical information, opportunities for efficiencies and saving can readily be identified. Diabetes management with the Cellnovo System will create a revolution in resource management, equity of treatment and quality of patient care.

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