Our vision

Ease of life


Technology has made so much of our lives easier.

Children today already wonder how we ever managed to rely on telephone kiosks, VHS and even CDs. We’ve all become used to making and receiving calls wherever we are and to having our music collections, and all the information we need, tucked into a convenient pocket.

The Cellnovo vision is that those who rely on medical devices should benefit from the same advances in technology to improve the care they receive and to make their lives easier.

The life today of a typical Type 1 diabetes patient is a relentless daily routine of testing, tracking, calculating and journal keeping. Our vision is that through elegant design and the thoughtful integration of everyday technology into medical systems, we can restore ease of life by providing freedom from the cumbersome, burdensome and obstructive procedures of traditional diabetes management.


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Better way

We at Cellnovo believe that there is a better way.


We continually met with and gained advice from a broad set of passionate individuals including physicians, nurses, payers, and most importantly, people living with diabetes and their families.

They, too, have dared to dream and transform the way we manage diabetes. We are forever grateful for their tireless dedication and passion.