Online platform

Secure access to real-time information

The handset and the pump do the hard work of monitoring and recording clinical information while delivering insulin according to the body's needs.

Yet the value of this information cannot be realised unless it is immediately available to all those who need to see it. With a mobile connection to a secure online management portal, the Cellnovo System ensures that patients, clinicians and parents are constantly aware of, and able to react to, changing conditions.

A diabetes clinic with patients using the Cellnovo System is able to see the current status of all its patients on a single screen. Not only is this status derived from comprehensive information captured and recorded by the handset, it is delivered to the clinic in real time. The portal can be accessed by the internet in the clinic or through a smartphone, so alerts can be received and assessed for immediate response regardless of where, regardless of when.


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Loved ones kept in the loop

A complete picture. For everyone

The Cellnovo System aims to relieve the stress that parents inevitably face when a child has diabetes. Through live updates of blood sugar and insulin dose, parents can benefit from peace of mind when all is normal, and from the ability to respond when necessary.

Parents can access the Cellnovo website to view real-time data on their children’s diabetes. Through the Internet at work or via a smartphone while out and about, instant information can banish the worry that might otherwise shadow parents as their children come to terms with the continuous management of diabetes.



Automatic analysis and insight

Log in for trends, charts and insights

Not only can you access your latest clinical information online, you can see simple visual analysis of your data. Easily check charts for trends and patterns in your blood sugar. Immediately see how your normal routine affects your control. Check your insulin dosing habits to see where you might be able to improve your control. All from a simple online web portal that you can access from home, from work or from your phone.

Everyone using Cellnovo gets a personal log in to the secure mobile diabetes management portal. Once logged in you can see all your automatically collected data turned into charts and graphs to help you understand what's working and where you might need to make adjustments. See your exercise habits mapped out in pie charts. See exactly how and when your insulin was delivered. Your clinicians see the same analysis and insights, enabling them to call or text whenever needed with guidance and advice.



Clinic data portal

All the clinic's patients on one screen


From a single online dashboard screen, the clinic has access to the status of all the patients on the system; including current blood sugar, average blood sugar, insulin dosing, hypo frequency and blood testing habits. At a glance, anyone having difficulties can easily be seen for an immediate response, restoring effective control when it's needed, instead of weeks later during a routine visit.

With a single click, all the data for a patient is analysed and charted to identify trends, patterns and problems. Using the portal, clinics can completely reorganise the way in which patients are managed. Text and email can be used to check on recent events. Clinic visits are focused completely on current and accurate information.



Cellnovo support

For you. However, whenever


Only you know the kind of customer support you need, and only you know when you need it. So whether you read instruction manuals cover-to-cover, or if you prefer just to try things out, we'll be on hand to answer whatever questions you have, whenever you have them.

Perhaps you're OK just searching the online knowledge base for the answers you need. But to reach one of our experts, just open up a live chat window; we'll even email you a transcript afterwards so that you can save the information you need. If you'd prefer to talk but don't have time, go online and schedule a slot to speak with one of our experts later. Or just give us a call.

Support on your terms. Whenever, for whatever, however.