Touch-screen handset

As easy to use as your smartphone thanks to a large touchscreen


The Cellnovo pump is controlled by a handset that works like your smartphone to interact with the pump. This makes programming a basal rate, setting a bolus, and recording blood glucose data or carbohydrate information as simple as using your smartphone.

The handset runs a series of apps to help the user keep track of diet, insulin, blood glucose and exercise. Physical activity is even recorded automatically from a sensor in the pump. By automating data collection, the handset eliminates the need for a diabetes journal and ensures that comprehensive and accurate clinical information are constantly available to all who need it.

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Beautiful design

Elegant, simple, practical


Good design has a profoundly positive impact on our lives. It makes things simpler to understand, easier to use and more beautiful. Yet, for many years, the look and feel of medical devices has been dictated by cost and ease of manufacture.

At Cellnovo, we have taken a different path. We believe that our system will be of more benefit to more people if the design is focused on enhancing the experience of those who use it. Consequently, design is at the heart of our culture and we make our products and systems as practical and delightful to use as possible.


Intuitive user interface

Accessible, practical, failsafe


Unlike any other diabetes management system, the Cellnovo handset features a beautiful, intuitive, touch-screen interface. We live in a world bristling with technology but we benefit most from devices and systems that are immediately easy to use. Using the apps installed on the handset it becomes child's play to understand, use and benefit from the technology we've developed to make managing diabetes easier.

Without a simple and elegant interface, the benefits of technology stay locked inside impenetrable cases. With a focus on excellent design and excellent software, we strive to make the benefits of the Cellnovo System accessible to all who need them.



Integrated blood glucose meter

Why carry two, when one will do?

The Cellnovo handset features a blood glucose meter, discreetly integrated in the casing. Eliminating the need for a separate blood glucose monitor is a literal result of our goal to reduce the burden of managing diabetes.

The monitor isn't just seamlessly integrated into the body of the handset, it's directly wired into the brains. The result of every blood glucose test is automatically logged by the software and becomes immediately available for reference via the Cellnovo web portal to the user, the clinic and even family members.


Information recorded for you

No writing up journals and logbooks


With a Cellnovo handset, you'll never again need to fill in a diabetes journal or logbook. You'll never again be stuck trying to remember the diet, exercise and dose details of the last few hours or even the last few days. You'll not even have to remember to upload the details before they're logged and analysed for you online.

The handset automatically and wirelessly records insulin dose, blood glucose and physical activity. The apps on the handset also track diet. This information is recorded accurately, and is immediately saved online on secure servers so that you and your healthcare team are always looking at the whole picture in real time.

Pump Handset wires



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