Introducing the Cellnovo GEN 3 System!


The Cellnovo Gen 3

Powered by a locked-down smartphone

For ultimate comfort and peace of mind

Discover it now!

Discreet & Detachable


Simple to use

*when an Internet connection is available


Why choose Cellnovo?

The Cellnovo pump is small and discreet, simple to use, and detachable. It is waterproof and comfortable to wear. The handset works like your smartphone, which makes it easy to program a basal rate or deliver a bolus. Cellnovo Online allows access to your data in real time*, giving a clear overview of blood glucose values, food intake, insulin delivery and pump settings.

* When connected to the Internet.

Who is Cellnovo for?


Already injecting? With the Cellnovo Pump, you no longer need to fill in daily diabetes journals and a state-of-the-art pumping mechanism ensures an extremely accurate insulin delivery.

Already pumping? The Cellnovo Pump is simple to use, small and discreet, and easy to take off and put back on, as many times as you want.


Looking for a more efficient solution? Imagine being able to see the current clinical status of all your Type 1 patients on a single screen, from anywhere, at any time? * 

Looking to save time?* Imagine scheduling clinics knowing in advance exactly how each of your patients has been doing since you last saw them?

* When connected to the Internet via a cellular network.

Patient Stories


Vincent's Story

“My favourite feature about the Cellnovo System is that you just don't know it's there. It's so small that I forget about it.”


Jenni’s Story

“The Cellnovo System has made my life so much more flexible. It has made it easier to manage my diabetes. I feel more confident.”


Benjamin's Story

“The Cellnovo System has transformed my meal times.”

about cellnovo

An independent medical technology company specialising in diabetes, Cellnovo has developed and markets the first mobile, connected, all-in-one diabetes management system that helps make life easier for patients. Compact, intuitive and entirely connected, Cellnovo’s insulin pump comprises a mobile touchscreen controller with an integrated blood glucose meter. This unique device allows optimal management of insulin delivery whilst ensuring extensive freedom of movement and peace of mind for patients. Thanks to the automatic transmission of data, it also allows the patient’s condition to be continually monitored by family members and healthcare professionals in real time*.

Cellnovo is currently participating in several major Artificial Pancreas projects with Diabeloop, TypeZero and Horizon 2020 to develop automated insulin delivery systems.

* When connected to the Internet via a cellular network.


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✓ Commercial strategy and Financial ✓ Details about the unique technology

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