7 reasons

for choosing the Cellnovo Pump

A diabetes management system that is simple to use


1. It's simple to use

As easy to use as your smartphone thanks to a large colour touchscreen

The Cellnovo pump is controlled by a handset that works like your smartphone to interact with the pump. This makes programming a basal rate, delivering a bolus, and recording blood glucose data, or carbohydrate information as simple as using your smartphone.


2. It's detachable

Because there is always a moment you want to detach

When using an insulin pump, there is always a moment you want to put it aside, for example, while taking a shower, or doing sports, or during an intimate moment. That is why we have made your Cellnovo Pump detachable, to help you during those personal moments in life by making it easy to detach.


3. It's small and discreet

Almost invisible, always discreet

The Cellnovo pump is so small and elegant it almost feels as if it isn’t there. And being so ‘invisibly small’ means it can be worn discreetly under clothing, even sportswear or slim summer dresses.

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4. It's connected

Managing your diabetes via the Cellnovo Online platform has never been simpler

Just like a smartphone, your Cellnovo pump is always connected.* The handset transmits all your diabetes management data to the Cellnovo Online Platform, in real time. So there is no need to upload the data yourself; you can save time and avoid the hassle. It also enables you and your healthcare team to access your diabetes management data at any time, from anywhere,* which facilitates making changes to your pump settings to optimise diabetes management.

* When connected to the internet via a cellular network.


5. Tracking your activity

No need to record activity manually

Diabetes is about the balance between insulin, food intake and exercise. But adding data about your activities to even the most common diabetes management solutions, can be a challenge. That is why we have included an activity tracker in your Cellnovo pump, to enable you to track your activity 24/7. So, you can use this data as well, to optimise your diabetes management.

The Cellnovo handset also contains applications that help you to track and manage your diabetes.

Blood Glucose

Blood glucose

The blood glucose app does all the hard work for you; saving a complete and accurate record so that you can review trends and events later. It records all your results, shares them with the Cellnovo Online Platform and it lets you know immediately via the Cellnovo handset, at the time of recording the BG reading, if you're outside your target range. You don't have to write down or try to remember anything.



With the insulin app, you can create an array of personal insulin profiles, with the utmost ease, speed and confidence. The large touchscreen handset allows for bold and clear illustrations of your insulin profiles so that you can create and adjust them in just a few taps, immediately being able to see a whole day on a simple chart.



Tracking what you eat is important, but so is having the freedom to get on with your life. With a few taps of the touchscreen, you can tuck in to a meal, secure in the knowledge that the food app will automatically upload all your data to the Online Portal where you can later check for important trends and events.



The activity app analyses all your activity to give you a single number representing how active you've been. Check your daily score, your daily average and even go online to check for long-term trends.



For most people, diabetes usually means having to make dozens of hasty scribbles; noting insulin, blood glucose, food and exercise. Imagine the magical difference it would make if all this information were automatically recorded and accurately saved in real time? This is exactly what the journal app does for you.


6. It's accurate

The Cellnovo pump contains a unique ‘wax-actuated’ technology that allows for highly accurate insulin delivery

  1. Your Cellnovo Pump uses a ‘wax-actuated’ technology, inspired by NASA and miniaturised by Cellnovo, for extremely accurate insulin delivery¹. A feedback loop constantly checks on the amount of insulin delivered. This ensures that your basal profile and your boluses are delivered accurately and safely, day after day.

    Read the publication that describes the superior accuracy of the Cellnovo pump:  
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7. It's safe

At Cellnovo, safety is not a feature, it’s our philosophy

You may never have wondered whether your pump is safe, because it’s taken as a given. It simply must be. Your safety comes first. That is our philosophy, and that is why your Cellnovo pump is designed to constantly check on insulin delivery and a host of other parameters², to ensure there is never a doubt about your safety.

Professor Bain describes the unique technical and safety features of the Cellnovo pump, including the ease of use and reliability of insulin dosage delivery, which are critical in the effective management of diabetes when using an insulin delivery system.

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1. Bowen JL, Allender CJ. A Comparative Pulse Accuracy Study of Two Commercially Available Patch Insulin Infusion Pumps. European Endocrinology, 2016;12(2):79–84

2. Bain S. The Cellnovo Insulin Delivery System. An expert interview. European Endocrinology, 2017;13(1)