The cellnovo gen 3

Powered by a locked-down smartphone

The Cellnovo GEN 3 System offers you a brand new Handset that is responsive, sleek, and attractive. It looks and feels just like your smartphone and it has a large, colour touchscreen, which makes it easy to navigate an intuitive new user interface. Discover how simple and comfortable your diabetes management can be.


For ultimate comfort and peace of mind

  • Detachable and re-attachable
  • 78h Insulin Cartridge life
  • Large-scale industrial manufacturing of Insulin Cartridge with Flex
  • Large, colour touchscreen
  • Extended battery life (48h+)
  • Real-time transmission of data, accessible to patients and healthcare teams

Blood Glucose Meters wireless connexion is now available !

You can now pair your BlueTooth® - enabled Blood Glucose Meter to the Cellnovo GEN 3 System for even more connectivity and ease of use. In a few easy steps, you will be able to send the result of your blood glucose test from your Blood Glucose Meter directly to the Cellnovo GEN 3 system.

The Cellnovo GEN 3 system can be paired with the Roche Accu-Chek® Guide, and the Fora® Diamond Mini in a few easy steps.


The Cellnovo System is the world’s first mobile diabetes management system,
comprised of three simple parts:

Cellnovo GEN 3 Pump


Small & smart

Cellnovo Handset GEN 3


Explore the possibilities

Online Platform Cellnovo GEN 3


Your data anywhere