Your patients' data, anywhere, right now


The Cellnovo System is unique in the way that it aims to reduce the burden of diabetes.

Adopting Cellnovo in your clinic could revolutionise the way in which you manage Type 1 diabetes.

Imagine being able to see the current clinical status of all your Type 1 patients on a single screen, from anywhere, at any time*? Imagine scheduling clinics knowing in advance exactly how each of your patients has been doing since you last saw them?

Imagine the ways in which you could save time and resources while also helping your patients reduce the burden of diabetes and improving their knowledge and ability to manage their diabetes? Cellnovo offers all of these advantages and more.

For example, learning how to use the system is easy and intuitive. Once up and running you'll have access to all the comprehensive data you'd normally try to harvest from journals but you'll have it in real time, all the time, with enormous confidence of accuracy and insight.

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*When connected via a cellular network


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Connected productivity

Efficient and focused clinics

Live access to patients' clinical information creates an opportunity to revolutionise the operation of the traditional diabetes clinic. Potential problems, that might otherwise go unnoticed for weeks or months, can be seen by the healthcare team for immediate attention. Conversely, patients who are managing well will no longer need to be pulled into a clinic visit just to establish that their diabetes management is OK.

Visits to the clinic can be focused on interpreting and responding to information instead of spent piecing it together from faint memories and hastily-written journals. With access to all the data, patients and clinicians will be able to make swift assessments and decisions with the confidence of accurate and comprehensive knowledge.