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Do more, know more, play more

The handset is a sophisticated, touch-screen device that is sleek, responsive and attractive. It is defined by the elegance and utility of its design and software.

Like all the best software, ours is continually improving and growing. When you join the Cellnovo community you gain access to all the apps we've developed to help reduce the burden of managing diabetes.

You also get to access all the applications we release in the future. We're committed to the continual development of handset apps so that the system is always growing in its utility and diversity. We strongly welcome feedback and ideas so that we can refine existing applications and develop new ones that do exactly what you need.


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Uncomplicated control


To mimic a human pancreas, the Cellnovo pump has to be sophisticated and it has to be programmed to respond exactly to your needs. The brains of this sophistication are all beautifully encased behind the touch screen of the Insulin app. As well as ensuring that you receive exactly the right amount of insulin, exactly when you need it, the Insulin app has one other major function; it is designed so that you can set up your pump, creating an array of personal insulin profiles, with the utmost ease, speed and confidence.

The large screen of the handset allows for bold and clear illustrations of your insulin profiles so that you can create and adjust them in just a few taps, immediately being able to see a whole day on a simple chart. Choosing how bolus insulin is delivered becomes the work of seconds as multiple options can be displayed on the screen for easy review and adjustment.

The insulin app is also directly integrated into the applications for Food and for Blood glucose. Using advanced software, the app will automatically calculate recommended insulin doses based upon your basal profile, your carb intake and your blood sugar. Doing the hard work for you, the Insulin app gives you uncomplicated control.




Personalise, simplify, automate


Tracking carbohydrate intake is part of life when you have diabetes, for many it becomes second nature. That's not to say that it's easy or that it couldn't be made simpler.

The Food application on the Cellnovo handset is seamlessly integrated into the insulin app which automatically calculates recommended dose adjustments based upon both carb intake and blood sugar. More than that, it allows you to build a completely personal food library, allowing meals and snacks to be recorded accurately and confidently in seconds.

Tracking what you eat is important, but so is having the freedom to get on with your life. With a few taps of the touch screen, you can tuck in to a meal, secure in the knowledge that the Food app will automatically upload all your data to the online web portal where you can later check for important trends and events.



Track how much you work, rest, and play


Unlike any other, the Cellnovo pump contains an activity monitor that constantly records the intensity and timing of your daily activity. We're used to checking carbs to monitor the energy we metabolise, but it's routine daily activity that contributes to a lot of the energy we burn off. Without a record of how active you've been, you only have half the information that will affect blood glucose. The Activity application in the handset unlocks the potential of the information that the monitor captures.

The app analyses all your activity to give you a single number representing how active you've been. Check your daily score, your daily average and even go online to check for long-term trends. If you feel that you should be more active, simply set a daily target and the app will track how you're doing.

Each day you'll see how active you've been for every hour. And if you go for a walk or visit the gym, you can log for how long you were exercising showing you exactly the impact that the exercise had on your insulin needs when you check back online. Activity is healthy and knowledge of that activity is a powerful tool.




All your stats in one place; magical


For most people, diabetes usually means having to make dozens of hasty scribbles; noting insulin, blood glucose, food and exercise. Often it means a lot of time spent trying to remember these stats at the end of a busy day or a busy week.

Imagine the magical difference it would make if all this information were automatically recorded and accurately saved in real time? Let alone the difference it would make to the healthcare team at the clinic, knowing that they're working with comprehensive and accurate information instead of jottings and half memories.

The Journal application in the handset is where all this information is collated, showing a snapshot of every day and all the data collected from each of the apps. Check in an instant your last BG reading, your current insulin profile, when you last started the pump and your daily activity score, all on a single screen. The Journal app is a constant reminder of just how valuable it is to be free from what having diabetes used to mean.