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About us


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A passion to break convention


There is a better way to treat diabetes.

We believe that conventional diabetes care technology is stuck in the past, and that it has failed to put first the needs and wants of patients who have to live with the condition and the daily demands of its treatment. Those with diabetes should be put back in control, and they should live a life that is as unaffected as possible by the need to manage their condition.

The experience of managing diabetes should be as positive as possible. Thoughtful and innovative design should make things easier to understand and simpler to use. With belief in these ideals, we tore up convention. When we started, we did so with a focus only on how modern technology and beautiful design would make life easier for someone managing diabetes.

A passion for this focus and for our beliefs is what drives Cellnovo.

It is also behind the revolutionary Cellnovo mobile diabetes management system.


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